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Looking for in-home care services for your elderly family member who proudly served in the military is more difficult than it has to be. Standing ready to help overcome this challenging search, Homecare Heroes of Texas offers specialized veterans care in DeSoto, TX, that respects the service and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. 

Veterans care services help maintain their independence and dignity right in the comfort of their own homes. Our compassionate caregivers focus on creating personalized care plans that encompass a variety of services, including personal care and companionship. Plus, our team provides guidance to help veterans understand and utilize the Veterans Administration (VA) benefit called “Aid and Attendance.”

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    Why DeSoto Veterans Trust Homecare Heroes

    Families and veterans in DeSoto choose the caregivers at Homecare Heroes for our commitment to excellence and our foundational C.A.R.I.N.G. Mission Statement. Our caregiving approach combines professional care with a personal touch, ensuring that each veteran receives respect, understanding, and the highest level of in-home care.

    Our team of caregivers is screened and trained to address the daily challenges faced by veterans, providing support that goes beyond basic needs to include specialized care for emotional and mental wellness.

    Our C.A.R.I.N.G. Mission Statement

    At Homecare Heroes of Texas, our mission is rooted in compassion, accountability, respect, integrity, nurturing, and growth. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing veterans in DeSoto with the highest quality of home care.

    • Comfort: We build deep, personal connections, enhancing the comfort and joy of veterans.
    • Accountability: Our caregivers are committed to the highest standards of care, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of every veteran.
    • Respect: We honor each veteran’s autonomy, preferences, and legacy, uplifting their self-esteem.
    • Integrity: Our team operates with transparency, honesty, and adherence to ethical practices, offering peace of mind to families.
    • Nurture: Focusing on holistic well-being, we enrich veterans’ lives through engaging interactions that foster emotional and mental health.
    • Growth: We are dedicated to continuous improvement and learning, aiming to provide the best possible senior care.

    Screened and Trained Caregivers Offering Personalized Care Plans

    Our caregivers are selected through a rigorous screening process and receive ongoing training in veteran-specific care techniques. This ensures they are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of veterans, from physical assistance to emotional support. 

    Personalized care plans are crafted to match the individual preferences and requirements of each veteran, guaranteeing an in-home care experience that is as unique as the individuals we serve. By focusing on personalized care, we ensure each veteran in DeSoto receives the respect, dignity, and quality of life they deserve.

    Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance Benefit

    The Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance Benefit is a significant financial resource for veterans and their surviving spouses, offering up to $2,400 per month. This benefit is designed to assist with non-medical care and daily living activities, yet is underutilized, with only a small fraction of eligible veterans taking advantage. 

    Homecare Heroes of Texas provides assistance through VA Accredited Benefits Agents, streamlining the application process from home with a high success rate of 99.5% of the time within 2-5 months. This contrasts with the lengthy and often unsuccessful attempts when applying for coverage through local VA offices.

    How To Know If Your Family Member Qualifies For Veterans Benefits

    To qualify for veterans benefits under the Aid and Attendance programs, the applicant must be over 65 years old, a veteran or their spouse, with at least 90 days of active military service during an approved time of war and an honorable discharge.

    Additionally, they must meet certain income requirements and need regular assistance with daily living activities to remain independent in their home or chosen residence.

    Credentialed With TriWest

    We are proud to support our veterans by being credentialed with TriWest Healthcare Alliance. TriWest works in conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide health benefits and ensure veterans receive the care they deserve right in their homes.

    Our Veterans Care Services in DeSoto

    Homecare Heroes of Texas stands out for its dedicated veterans care services that meet the needs of those who have proudly served our country. Recognizing the sacrifices made by veterans and their families, our caregivers can provide a variety of home care services to ensure their comfort, dignity, and independence at home. 

    From personal care to specialized dementia support, our veterans care services cover the full spectrum of in-home care needs for seniors in DeSoto and throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth community.

    Personal Care

    Personal care services at Homecare Heroes of Texas are designed to support the day-to-day activities of veterans, ensuring they live with dignity and comfort. Our caregivers assist with dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and medication reminders, focusing on the individual’s needs and preferences to maintain their independence at home.

    Personal Hygiene

    Understanding the importance of personal hygiene for health and self-esteem, our team provides compassionate assistance with bathing, grooming, oral care, skin care, and other hygiene routines. We approach personal hygiene with respect and sensitivity to the privacy and preferences of each veteran we serve.


    Companionship services are central to our mission, offering veterans social interaction, engagement, and emotional support to relieve any feelings of loneliness. The goal of companion care is to build meaningful connections, whether through conversation, shared activities, or simply being a comforting presence to the veteran in your life.

    Respite Care

    Respite care gives family caregivers the break they need and the peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands. Respite services are flexible, ranging from a few hours to several days, and provide relief for primary caregivers with the assurance of continuous, quality care.

    Mobility Assistance

    Mobility assistance from Homecare Heroes of Texas includes helping veterans move safely around their homes, assisting with transfers, and encouraging light exercise to maintain mobility and prevent falls. Our caregivers are trained to support physical well-being with patience and encouragement.

    Dementia Care

    Our specialized dementia care focuses on providing a supportive environment for veterans with memory problems. Caregivers are trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care practices, helping to manage memory problems and symptoms, promote safety, and support communication and daily activities.

    Overnight Care

    Overnight care ensures veterans have the support they need throughout the night. This service provides peace of mind for families, knowing their loved one has assistance with getting to bed, overnight needs, and emergency response if necessary.

    24-Hour Home Care

    For veterans requiring constant, around-the-clock care, our 24-hour home care services offer comprehensive support. Caregivers work in shifts to provide continuous assistance, ensuring needs are met at all times of the day and night, including personal care, medication reminders, mobility assistance, and companionship.

    Live-In Care

    Live-in care provides veterans with full-time, in-home support from a dedicated caregiver. This option ensures someone is always available to assist with daily activities, health needs, and emergency response, offering an alternative to assisted living facilities.

    Areas We Serve In Texas

    We are proud to offer home care services from trusted caregivers in the following areas in Texas:

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    Homecare Heroes of Texas is here to offer personalized, compassionate care tailored to the individual needs of veterans in DeSoto. Our caregivers understand the value of independence and the importance of respect for those who have served our country. Our specialized veterans care services in DeSoto are designed to meet a wide range of needs, ensuring that every veteran has the opportunity to live comfortably and securely in their own home.

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